Uterus Massage

Uterus Massage

The traditional Malay way of uterine massage (Urutan Sengkak / Rahim) is famous for its outstanding advantages in correcting uterine prolapse, drooping or tilted. Studies have shown this kind of treatment for uterus have a very good health effect on the uterus. Because friction produces heat, the main advantage of massaging the uterus is that it can remove cold and warm up the uterus, and has a good preventative effect on menstrual cramps and fibroid. Usually, physiotherapists Malay massage the uterus after childbirth, this can induce uterine contractions and facilitate the recovery of the uterus. In addition, Urutan Sengkak can stimulate uterine points, which is very beneficial for the treatment of Amenorrhea, functional uterine bleeding, and uterine prolapse.



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